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    What Kind of Girls Use Sex Toys?

    2024-02-23 09:27:50

    Yesterday while surfing the internet, I came across this statement: girls who use sex toys are easily slept with by others.

    In the comment section, there are mainly two factions. The larger one has more supporters and more opinions: girls have the right to use sex toys.

    The other faction expresses: these girls must be very promiscuous to use such sex toys.

    Today, I want to clear the name for "girls using sex toys = promiscuous"!

    What kind of women use toys?

    First of all, men need to reflect on themselves: if your partner would rather use toys than play with you, who should really take a moment to reflect? (except for long-distance relationships)

    As for those partners who are invited to play with toys, you should be happy and appreciate the effort she puts into enhancing your intimate life. After all, if sex toys are used well, the pleasure belongs to both of you~

    For single women with normal physiological needs, what can they do if they don't use toys? The answer is either casual sex or suppression. The former is unsafe and may cause problems, while the latter is unhealthy and may lead to issues.

    At this time, when they choose to use sex toys, face their desires and release them in a safer and healthier way, it is an expression of self-sufficiency and self-love!

    Yet due to this choice, girls are labeled as promiscuous. I'm curious why men who use toys don't receive the "same treatment."

    Why aren't men who use sex toys misunderstood?

    Let me share a well-known fact: men are creatures who think with their lower half. In terms of physical structure, their physiological responses are relatively straightforward and easily aroused by sensory stimulation.

    From a daily perspective, the news we often hear is mainly about men harassing women, which creates a false impression that "men are always sexually hungry, while women only pursue sincere love."

    Some people even think that sex addiction is an exclusive problem for men.

    All these "prejudices" have led to society's "tolerance" towards men, believing that they have uncontrollable difficulties in terms of sex, that it's their nature, and using toys to release that nature is just normal behavior.

    What Kind of Girls Use Sex Toys

    Both men and women have sexual desires

    In traditional concepts, men dominate, and "men who talk about sex are normal, while women who talk about sex are promiscuous." So when a man has multiple partners, he is called a "stallion" and is secretly admired by peers. However, when a woman has multiple sexual partners, she is often called a slut.

    It's worth asking: What is sex? Does sexual desire have a gender distinction?

    Despite being as normal as eating and sleeping, why are men and women treated differently when it comes to sex? The answer is: both men and women should be treated equally!

    In conclusion

    The result of today's discussion is: girls using sex toys ≠ promiscuous!

    In fact, both men and women using toys is a normal physiological need. This break from old-fashioned concepts doesn't need to be explained to anyone, nor should it be a cause for shame. If someone comments on your use of sex toys next time, ignore them, and just say,


    "How I think about it is my business; as long as I'm happy, that's all that matters!"


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