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    Can You Have Sex During Menstruation?

    2024-01-06 10:06:32

    My partner is usually reserved, but becomes very proactive during menstruation. It's hard to resist, but I'm concerned about her health, so I have to hold back every time. So, can you have sex during menstruation?

    Why do people feel like having sex during menstruation?

    Some women may experience low mood during their menstrual period. However, many women feel more inclined to "do something" during this time and the days leading up to it.

    A survey conducted by an American institution on 619 women asked about the period when their sexual desire was strongest. The results showed that women's highest sexual desire occurred either one day before their period or just after it ended.

    There are two main reasons for this situation:

    1. Physiological reasons:

    The human body is a complex machine, like a sex toys factory, and hormones play a crucial role in our emotions and desires. Female sexual desire depends on the levels of hormone secretion. During and around the menstrual period, female hormone levels are generally low. However, the ratio of two elements that stimulate sexual desire increases, resulting in a heightened desire during this time compared to usual.

    2. Psychological reasons:

    Apart from physiological reasons, experts believe that there are psychological factors behind wanting to have sex during and around the menstrual period. The logic behind this is quite simple. Imagine you're forbidden from eating meat for a week. When the prohibition is lifted, you'll naturally want to indulge a little more to compensate. Additionally, the chances of getting pregnant are lower during the menstrual period, which provides a sense of security and makes women more willing to engage in sexual activity.

    Can you have sex during menstruation?

    Can you have sex during menstruation?

    Based on personal observations, there are more people who engage in sexual activity during their period than you might imagine. In other words, it is indeed possible to have sex during menstruation, and it may even be more exciting due to the added taboo.

    However, while running a red light is possible, it's not really necessary. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Hygiene:

     First and foremost, negligence in hygiene at any time can lead to gynecological problems. During menstruation, the cervix of women is slightly open, and there are many tiny wounds on the uterine lining. Menstrual blood also serves as a good breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, making it easier to get an infection during this time compared to usual.

    If a person already has a weak constitution or an existing gynecological condition, it's best to avoid adding insult to injury during this time.

    2. Hormonal changes:

    Secondly, estrogen levels are at their lowest during menstruation, resulting in a significant decrease in cervical mucus production and a decline in the upward movement of bacterial organisms. Therefore, engaging in sexual activity during menstruation increases the risk of developing diseases such as endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease. In severe cases, it may even affect the fallopian tubes, leading to infertility.

    Couples who are actively trying to conceive should consider the potential difficulties of upgrading their status for the sake of momentary novelty.

    3. Congestion:

     Lastly, engaging in sexual activity can cause organ congestion, potentially leading to increased menstrual flow. If the delicate internal mucous membranes are accidentally injured, it may disrupt the menstrual cycle.


    Therefore, it is not advisable to engage in sexual activity immediately after menstruation. Sisters, even if you strongly desire it during your period, endure for a while and wait for 2-3 days after it ends before resuming sexual activity.

    As for the gentlemen, no matter how proactive your partner may be, as a man, you should exercise restraint. Accompany her in watching TV shows, enjoying good food, and diverting her attention. It's also a great way to strengthen your bond.


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