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    How to Spanking when Lovemaking?

    2023-12-16 02:42:51

    Are you interested in exploring spanking during lovemaking? Those who have experienced it often find spanking to be highly pleasurable and even addictive, making it a must-have element in every encounter. What is the allure of spanking during intimate moments that captivates people?

    Why do some people enjoy spanking?

    The buttocks, as a naturally cushioned part of the body, store a significant amount of fat, making them soft and elastic. Moreover, the buttocks possess an inherent sensual quality. The sight of their full, heart-shaped form from behind is irresistible, tempting one to give them a playful pat. However, spanking is not only enjoyable for the person doing the spanking but also brings pleasure to the person being spanked.

    1. Physically: A slight pain that brings immense satisfaction

    The mild pain experienced during spanking stimulates the release of adrenaline and endorphins in the body, creating a unique sense of happiness and fulfillment. Additionally, gentle spanking can unconsciously tighten the muscles of women, causing them to contract in sync with each stroke of the hand, resembling the contractions experienced during climax.

    How to Spanking when Lovemaking?

    2. Psychologically: It's a mix of embarrassment and excitement

    When being spanked, you cannot see what the other person is doing, unable to anticipate when the next spank will come, its intensity, or where it will land. Naturally, this creates a sense of tension and embarrassment. If both partners agree, they can even incorporate elements of humiliation (such as dirty talk) or tap into feelings of anger or vulnerability, intensifying the stimulation and pleasure. The buttocks, lacking vital organs and consisting of thick layers of protective fat, are safe to be spanked as long as the intensity is controlled. Considering this, it's understandable how spanking has found its place in BDSM.

    Of course, all of this should be done with the clear consent of both partners and with proper control of intensity. Otherwise, unilaterally hitting someone becomes an act of domestic violence. It's crucial to establish clear boundaries.

    How can beginners spank when lovemaking?

    For those eager to try spanking but haven't experienced it yet, it's time to learn some new moves to spice up your next intimate encounter.

    Firstly, the primary areas for spanking are the buttocks and upper thighs, and different areas require different levels of intensity.

    Secondly, beginners can start with using their hands directly, and once they become more experienced, they can explore using different tools, such as whip sex toy, each providing unique sensations. Longer tools provide more impact, while shorter ones are easier to handle.

    Spanking location

    Positions for spanking during lovemaking

    Here are five simple and user-friendly positions recommended for spanking:

    1. Bent over the lap: This position is simple to try and maintains intimacy.

    Positions for spanking 1

    2. Lying face down: This position elevates the buttocks as the highest point of the body, resembling the punishment of a misbehaving child.

    Positions for spanking 2

    3. Vulnerable and waiting: Assume a position of vulnerability, anticipating the unknown spanks, which creates a subtle sense of tension.

    Positions for spanking 3

    4. Lying face up, holding the thighs: This position not only exposes the vulnerable buttocks but also allows the spankee to watch the spanks fall.

    Positions for spanking 4

    5. Regardless of the chosen position, incorporating a mirror adds a whole new level of wonder and excitement.

    Positions for spanking 5


    Lastly, it cannot be stressed enough that spanking must be consensual and the intensity should be controlled. Safety always comes first.


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