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    When Making Love, Who Gets More Tired: Men or Women?

    2023-12-30 09:40:30

    It's often heard that friends express their feelings like, "Men/Women are so tired!" (referring to matters in the bedroom). When making love, who gets more tired: men or women? This question undoubtedly has different perspectives, leading to debates. Today, let's analyze and discuss who gets more tired in matters between the sheets.

    01 Preparations:

    Regardless of gender, both men and women clean themselves thoroughly before making love for hygiene and health reasons, making themselves more appealing. At the same time, men prepare essential condoms and even sex toys, while women carefully select a "battle robe" of lingerie to enhance the intimacy and add pleasure. It seems challenging to determine who gets more tired in this aspect.

    When Making Love, Who Gets More Tired: Men or Women?

    02 The Act itself:

    The outcome of this stage is quite evident; usually, the one who moves more gets tired, and the one who lies down gets comfortable. However, it's not always the case that men get more tired. Women also want to take control in bed, so when the movement alternates between partners, both can feel equally exhausted. Especially when reaching climax, both men and women experience rapid breathing, muscle spasms, increased blood pressure, and other physiological responses, resulting in noticeable fatigue afterward. The level of excitement determines the degree of exhaustion. If it subsides quickly, you may feel tired, but if it fades slowly, you might not feel tired at all and even have some lingering excitement.

    03 Post-activity Cleanup:

    The most tiring aspect is not the physical activity itself but rather the aftermath of the passion, with a messy bed full of clothes and sheets dampened by sweat and certain fluids. In most cases, men usually do two things at this point: firstly, hand you a few tissues to clean yourself up, and secondly, enjoy a cigarette, feeling blissful like a deity.

    Women who generally value cleanliness cannot tolerate going to sleep directly like that. They need to get out of bed, take a shower, do skincare routines, change the sheets, tidy up the clothes, and so on. After all the cleaning and tidying up, they will naturally feel exhausted.

    04 Psychological Factors:

    The fatigue caused by intimate activities might not be limited to physical exhaustion but can extend to psychological fatigue. Men worry about their performance and whether they've satisfied their partner, while women have various concerns like, "Do I look ugly? Do I have too much fat around my waist? Did he notice it?" "My breasts are flat, will he be disappointed?" When these self-doubts increase, it's easy to fall into a vicious cycle, resulting in a range of emotions, feeling mentally tired, exhausted, and unable to lift one's spirits. Just like when you wholesale sex toys, the more you think, the more tired you become. Therefore, both men and women experience their own form of exhaustion.


    Making love is originally a mutually beneficial activity that consumes a considerable amount of physical energy for both partners. Feeling "tired" is just a means to maximize pleasure and achieve a perfect intimate experience. Why should we strive for a winner or loser in terms of "who gets more tired"? However, it's worth noting that occasional tiredness after normal physical activity is nothing to worry about; a good sleep will restore your energy. But if you consistently feel fatigued, it's necessary to increase exercise. Engaging in activities like running, swimming, and other exercises regularly not only strengthens your physique but also ensures stamina. So why not embrace it?


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