Mroow is a famous adult sex toy factory founded in 2008.
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Certified in Management by Quality System with Authoritative Certification


Standardized management,Mroow Screativity and originality.

QUALITY Service concept:

Listen to clients' voices, experience client;s feelings, understand clients' needs and pay attention to their needs,create new value for clients.

quality management system assurance

Mroow is always regarding product quality as the fundamentality of business survival and
s devel opment. Quality comes first throughout the whole production process of our products!

From Product Planning > Sales Service > From Client's demands > Product analysis >
Desing and develop > Design Validation > Sample Validation> Sample Validation >
Material Examination > Pre-launch > Production > inspection and test > Shipment > Client Service

Always in accordance with the ISO9001 Qality system requirements for quality management

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