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    How to make the penis longer?

    2023-11-12 08:09:42

    Many men dream of a second growth of their penis and often feel inferior about their current length, thinking that they can't measure up to their peers and partners.

    Many people resort to desperate measures, searching for various remedies or even surgeries online, in an attempt to compensate for their perceived shortcomings during puberty.

    But here's the question: Can the penis really be lengthened after reaching adulthood?

    When does the penis grow the fastest?

    First, let's understand the approximate growth patterns of the male penis:

    Stage 1: While still in the mother's womb, it begins to develop.

    Stage 2: In the first year after birth, it grows rapidly, with a growth rate of about 8.5%.

    Stage 3: From ages 1 to 10, the growth rate slows down.

    Stage 4: Adolescence (ages 11-16), during which the penis undergoes significant development. This stage is the golden period for penis growth. Whether it can make a significant difference depends on this time! However, most people have probably missed this stage.

    Stage 5: After 16 years old, growth may come to a halt, but a few lucky individuals may experience slight continued growth.

    Stage 6: Do you also expect it to keep growing? That's just dreamer thinking.

    As cruel as it may sound, I must tell you the truth: By the age of 20, the penis has essentially reached its final size and will not continue to grow!

    Are the rumored methods for penis enlargement reliable?

    1) Massage method

    Some people feel that their penis has become larger after performing "penis massage exercises," but in reality, it's not that it has "grown" but rather that it has become "swollen." (And it's temporary.)

    With intense and prolonged "manipulation," fluid buildup can occur in the tissues of the penis, especially around the foreskin, resulting in visible swelling. Once the swelling subsides over time, the penis will return to its original state. Moreover, if the penis is constantly manipulated, there is a risk of bruising! Applying too much force or accidentally hitting a hard object while massaging the penis can also lead to the rupture of the white membrane. This can be characterized by a "cracking" sound and a large amount of blood flowing from the spongy tissue to under the skin, causing the entire penis to swell into a purplish-black "L" shape.

    How to make the penis longer

    2) Enlargement creams

    Are the enlargement creams rumored to make the penis bigger effective?

    Some people claim that after using them, they felt that their penis had actually become larger. The reason behind this is that our usual stimulation does not fully engorge the penis, whereas these creams contain substances that can stimulate penile engorgement, making it appear larger when used. However, these effects are temporary, and as long as you stop using the cream, the penis will "go back to its original form." If these creams truly worked, I would be the first to buy one and apply it to the top of my head to gain an extra 2-3 centimeters in height!

    3) Lengthening surgery

    You've finally come to understand that home remedies are unreliable. But when you see news headlines like "Man extends penis from 13cm to 18cm through surgery," you can't help but feel a stirring in your heart...

    Hold on a moment, you may be tempted, but don't act just yet. Do you really understand "penis lengthening surgery"?

    If you think that penis lengthening surgery involves "attaching" an extra piece onto your existing penis, then you're being naive. Surgery is not magic, and it won't create something out of nothing. If you're using someone else's penis and transplanting it onto your own, that's called "penile transplantation."

    As the saying goes, "You can't get wool from a sheep without shearing it," and the same applies here. Penis lengthening surgery actually involves cutting the superficial and deep suspensory ligaments on the penis at appropriate positions and detaching the part of the penile spongy tissue that is normally hidden inside your body. This way, the external portion of the penis will be lengthened by about 3-5cm.

    The main purpose of penis lengthening surgery is to make the penis appear longer, essentially making it a "cosmetic surgery." If you're looking to change the functionality of the penis through surgery, it's better to reconsider. Surgery carries risks, you know.

    How to make the penis longer

    Change your perspective: Altering the visual length

    Although there are no safe and effective methods to physically lengthen your penis, we can change our perspective and alter the visual effect of the penis.

    Have you noticed that penises of slightly overweight boys tend to be shorter than those of slimmer individuals? The same applies to men who gain weight; their penises appear "shorter."

    This is because the accumulation of subcutaneous abdominal fat causes aperception of a shorter penis. By losing weight and reducing excess fat in the abdominal area, you can create the illusion of a longer penis. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight can help in achieving this.

    The End

    There is no need to excessively focus on penis size. Men often worry about the length of their penis, partly because they want to measure up to the actors in adult films and partly to seek validation from their partners and ensure satisfaction in sexual encounters.

    In reality, we have misunderstood these concerns.

    On the internet, the average person seems to have an 18 cm penis, and adult film actors all appear long and impressive. But are men really supposed to be that size?

    Boasting online has no cost, and the actors you see in adult films are carefully selected "standouts." In real life, the average male size is around 13 cm (based on data from various countries). Therefore, as ordinary individuals, it is better to have less anxiety.

    Furthermore, do women really need such long penises?

    Research suggests that the most sensitive area of the female vagina is located 3-5 cm from the entrance. Most male penises can reach this length, and it is the technique that matters most. Having an excessively long penis can actually cause discomfort for women.

    To gain the approval of women, it is not solely about having an aesthetically pleasing penis. Your tenderness, your skills, your sincerity, and your patience are the key factors determining the quality of sexual experiences.


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