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Small Anal Beads Vibrator

Width :
Body safe silicone
Power supply:
USB cable for charging
black|custom colors
Usage time:
120 mins
Weight :
Waterproof rating :
Less than 40dB (A)
gradual expansion, 16 vibration patterns, detachable versatility, waterproof

Product Details

Why do I recommend You Use Our Small Anal Beads Vibrator?

1.Gradually Enlarging Design: Starting from a comfortable 0.7 inches and progressing to a satisfying 1.4 inches, our anal beads are uniquely designed to allow users to gradually acclimate to the sensation. This thoughtful design ensures a perfect blend of pleasure and comfort, letting you chase that fuller sensation at your own pace.

2.Rare 16 vibration modes: Unlike the common variety of vibrators with only 3 to 10 vibration patterns, our small anal beads vibrator boasts an impressive selection of 16 distinct vibration modes. This includes three intense, powerful vibrations and thirteen enticing wave patterns, ensuring there's something to suit every preference.

3.Detachable design for added versatility: With its removable vibrating bullet, our anal beads vibrator offers endless possibilities for exploration and pleasure. Take the bullet vbrator out and explore new ways to play, expanding the boundaries of your enjoyment.

4.Superb waterproof functionality: Indulge in the sensations you crave without worrying about water damage. Our small anal beads vibrator is fully waterproof, allowing you to submerge it in water without any concerns. Whether in the shower or the bathtub, elevate your experience and discover the pleasure of underwater stimulation.

5.Convenient and user-friendly: We've designed our product with simplicity in mind. With just a press of a button on the device, you can activate the vibration function. Another press allows you to effortlessly switch between the various vibration modes. And when you're ready to power down, a long press is all it takes to turn it off.

6.Premium silicone material for safety: Your well-being is our top priority. That's why our small anal beads vibrator is crafted from high-quality, non-porous silicone. This material ensures a safe and hygienic experience, giving you peace of mind as you explore your desires.

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