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Wearable Panty Vibrator

Width :
Body safe silicone and ABS
Power supply:
USB cable for charging
custom colors
Usage time:
120 mins
Weight :
Waterproof rating :
Less than 40dB (A)
waterproof and multifunctional ,whisper quiet, 10 vibration modes

Product Details

What is a Wearable Panty Vibrator?

A wearable panty vibrator is a type of sex toy that can be discreetly worn inside panties for pleasurable stimulation.

Features of a Wearable Panty Vibrator:

1. Compact and portable, resembling a small UFO toy that takes up minimal space in a purse or pocket.

2. Dual-head vibration for enhanced sensations, with 10 vibration modes to choose from, catering to individual preferences.

3. Equipped with a Bluetooth remote control for convenient operation. The remote control has a maximum range of 15 meters, allowing for pleasurable remote play. It also frees up hands, eliminating the need to manually switch vibration modes on the toy.

4. Designed to be worn, it can be discreetly placed inside underwear without being noticed by others.

5. Whisper-quiet design ensures discretion, allowing you to enjoy your intimate moments without drawing attention.

6. Multi-purpose functionality, suitable for stimulating the clitoris, nipples, neck, and other sensitive areas. If you prefer non-penetrative sexual toys, this can be an excellent choice.

7. Waterproof and USB rechargeable. The waterproof feature allows for easy cleaning with water without worrying about water damage to the internal components. USB rechargeability ensures convenience, with the toy ready for use whenever desired.

8. Made from silicone material, providing a soft and comfortable texture. Silicone is body-safe, odorless, and hypoallergenic, making it a healthy and eco-friendly choice.


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